Defensive Driving Schools in Uganda 2024 PDF

In this article, we shall list the top 10 best defensive driving schools in Uganda in the 2024 PDF file. But before we go any further, various driving schools in Uganda are ranked as the best. This is because they are accredited, licensed, and recognized by the Government of Uganda.

In a number of our previous articles, we discussed the best driving schools in Uganda. Again, we listed the current reputable truck driving schools in Uganda. Furthermore, this article listed the top 10 best driving schools in the Republic of Kenya. Hence, anyone intending to pursue a driving course in Uganda or Kenya ought to utilize their time in this article. Most importantly, on the links above as well as beneath for those living in Uganda.

Below is a PDF list of the top 10 best Defensive driving schools in Uganda for 2024 and their prices or charges.

Defensive Driving School Uganda 2024 PDF

Defensive Driving Schools in Uganda 2024 PDF and Their Prices

  1. The Automobile Association of Uganda Driving School. It’s the Best defensive driving school in Uganda in 2024.
  2. Uganda Standards Driving Agency, UDSA.
  3. OnCourse 4×4 Training Driving school, Kampala. The institution is specialized in 4wd training, off-road security driving courses and defensive driving courses. Hence, the training is tailored to suit the increased risk driving situations ordinary in developing countries.
  4. Prestige Driving School – Kireka, Nateete, Kampala and other branches. Also, almost all of the prestige drivings schools train on defensive driving and award a certificate of upon course completion.
  5. Ddembe Driving School, Uganda.
  6. Defensive Driving School Uganda, Wamala Rd. Again,
  7. Ebenezer Driving school.
  8. Fosters Driving School Uganda, Makerere Hill Rd.
  9. Uganda BVET Automotive Department. Also,
  10. Divine Brother Driving School Uganda.
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Other Driving Firms That offer Defensive Driving Services In Uganda

  1. Back to Engines & Vehicles
    Fleet Consult U Ltd
    Shipping & Logistics
    Air Ticketing, Defensive Driving, Driver Training, Drivers, Fleet Management.
  2. Legacy Driving School, Services
    Defensive Driving, Drivers, Employment Placement, Recruitment, Roads.
  3. Miri Radar Limited
    Engines & Vehicles
    Communication Equipment, Computer Software, Computers, Consumables, Consumer Electronics.
  4. Prestige Auto Holdings Ltd
    Engines & Vehicles
    Defensive Driving. Also,
  5. Yamasec Ltd
    Shipping & Logistics
    Alarm Systems, Cameras, CCTV, Civil Engineering, Communication Equipment.

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