Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022 and Their Fees LIST

In this article, we shall list the top 10 best driving schools in Kenya in 2022 and their prices/ fees.
In Kenya, the number of driving schools has been on the rise. This is because almost all the towns in the country have at least 2-5 driving schools. However, with our perfect directions, it’s easier to identify the best reputable driving schools to enroll in and become expert drivers.

Which Driving School is Best in Kenya?

There are numerous best driving schools in Kenya in 2022 today. However, it’s good to note that the best driving school in Kenya right now is the AA Driving School.

First of all, there are several factors to consider before joining just any driving school near you or your location. Certainly, this is most important for anyone in order not to end up training in a none approved and recognized center. Hence, below are some of the factors to consider and put in place.

  1. Research on best websites about driving as well as to inquire from friends and other experienced drivers.
  2. Again, ensure that you visit the driving school before registering online.
  3. Also, inquire about the cost or fees for the training.
  4. Consider learning or training from an approved and insured center just in case of a mishap.
  5. Finally, it’s good to train in a driving school that has experienced and approved trainers or instructors.

In short, below are the top 10 list of the ranked best driving schools in Kenya for 2021 and their fees. Have a look at them plus their fees or prices for the driver training courses.

Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022

Top Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022 LIST;

  1. Automobile Association of Kenya Driving School. AA is the number 1 best Driving School in Kenya from 1981 to 2022. In addition, AA Kenya driving school fees, price,s or cost is about Ksh15,900 for the full driving course. Certainly, this comprises 30 lessons that makes the driving course study duration in Kenya 14 to 21 days long.
  2. Rocky Driving School. Rocky driving school fees is around Ksh24,900 for the full driving course comprising of 20 lessons. 
  3. Heltz Driving School. The training charges or schools fees at Heltz Driving School Ksh12,500 for 20 lessons.
  4. Petanns Driving School. Petanns driving school fees are Ksh13,900 for the full driving course comprising of 30 lessons. 
  5. Seniors Driving School.
  6. Glory Driving School. The institution charges Ksh.12,500 for the full driving course comprising of 15 lessons. 
  7. Top Gear Driving School. Again, Top Gear driving school fees or charges Ksh17,900 for 30 lessons.
  8. Imperial Driving School. Unrevealed.
  9. Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School. Not disclosed.
  10. Premier Driving School. Their higher-end charges are Ksh17,900. It also ranked in the top 10 list of the best driving schools in Kenya in 2022 and their fees are affordable.
  11. Wings Driving School. And finally,
  12. Iqra driving school.

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