Deejay Mista Tim Biography Timothy Kaume

The entertainment industry in Kenya has prospered positively over the years to become one of the highly paying careers. For example, deejays are today earning a living through playing music mixes live in the media house. Similarly, some earn money by entertaining revellers in discos and clubs. In this article, we shall enlighten you about Timothy Kaume aka Deejay Mista Tim biography.

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First, we hope that you read our previous article on Citizen Radio and TV Mambo Mseto DJ Flash. We also had an article on the top 10 best Deejays in Kenya in 2020. Deejay Mista Tim is a Meru by tribe, who was born in Meru County of Kenya.

Deejay Mista Tim Biography Timothy Kaume

Timothy Kaume aka DJ Mista Tim is currently the official music master or deejay of Muuga FM radio station. Certainly, his passion for music started when he was only 8 years old. By the time he was an adult, Timothy Kaume landed a job at Royal Media Services vernacular radio station Muuga FM. Further, DJ Mista Tim co-hosts two shows at Muuga FM namely, Mwenjoyo and Muuga Reggae from Monday to Friday.

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In addition, DJ MistaTim also brandishes events for corporates, weddings, and many other exhibitions. Moreover, he as well entertains fans at several clubs depending on the bookings.

Finally, below are links to his entertainment and social media channels.


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