Why Lilian Muli Decided To Shave her Dreadlocks

For over 10 years now, almost 90 percent of Lilian Muli fans haven’t known why the Journalist Covers her forehead. However, it was revealed in this detailed post “TV Journalist Lilian Muli Hairstyle and why she covers her forehead.” In this article, we shall unwrap the truth on why Presenter Lilian Muli decided to shave her hair or dreadlocks. Even more, publicly share some of her photos displaying her left side forehead (pictures below).

With the latest developing celebrity news, Lilian Muli has finally decided to uncover her beautiful facial looks. Rather, this follows her Instagram pictures that she publicly shared with all her followers. Actually, reports about Lilian Muli hiding her facial outlooks were originally sparked by the gossip channel 247 website. As a result, the princess couldn’t withstand the debate but rather share a meme challenge phœtoshøp painting of herself. Despite most youths just knew about Muli 1-5 years ago, some fans know her for over 15 years now.

Why Lilian Muli Decided To Shave her Hair, Dreadlocks

Certainly, this is just as to why she has over the years been utilizing 1-2 hairstyles, by covering her forehead.
However, as per the latest trends, it’s most likely that the scars finally disappeared after the long battle of beauty. Rather, this can’t be justified by Lilian muli’s Instagram pictures. It’s only her boyfriend and workmates who are close to her know the validity or truth. On the other hand, journalist Muli explained how her deadlocks were thinning as a result of her pregnancy.

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“I shaved my locks because they thinned after I had a baby. I will miss them though,” she said in a radio interview.

Below are some of her photos that probably indicate that she has no scars as of now. Above all, without dreadlocks anymore. However, many of her fans were wondering how such short hair could attach a wig following her recent TV Show.

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Lilian Muli Shaves Dreadlocks Pictures
Lilian Muli Shaves Hair / Dreadlocks.
Lilian Muli new hairstyle and without scars.

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