Coronavirus Deaths in Kenya: Covid-19 in Kenya Now

Coronavirus Deaths in Kenya: Covid-19 in Kenya Reports Now. According to the present reports in Kenya, the nation has experienced the first Coronavirus death ever since it’s emergence. This follows after the government spokesman Cyrus Oguna mentioned in a press briefing. However, the government representative did not provide more details about the mishap. The 66-year-old Kenyan passed on while receiving treatment at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

Earlier on, the Deputy Cabinet Secretary of Health Mercy Mwangangi had today addressed the media in a press briefing on Coronavirus in Kenya. Certainly, Mercy Mwangangi announced of 3 new cases of Coronavirus infection in Kenya by 26th March 2020. Below is a highlight of what she said;

“We have traced 1,029 close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases. 123 out of these have been discharged after a 14-day follow up period. Eighteen individuals are currently hospitalized at Mbagathi Hospital anticipating examinations results. We are in the process of consulting on how to handle Kilifi County and other emerging hotspots.”

Coronavirus Deaths in Kenya: Covid-19 in Kenya Now

In addition, the late Coronavirus victim had travelled from South Africa through eSwatini in order to reach Kenya. The government is yet to report on other news on the recovered patients, directives and so on. We have to acknowledge that the Kenyan government of Kenya is doing it’s to combat the global pandemic outbreak in Kenya.

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Finally, we as ugwire media urge all Kenyans and the world as a whole, to #stayhome as directed by authorities. We shall keep you updated on developing news as soon as possible. We hope that you shall keep updated with the daily government reports on Coronavirus in Kenya. As well, here is a quick link of all the Coronavirus updates in Kenya every minute and hour.


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