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In this segment, Ugwire Media Networks highlights all the latest Coronavirus live briefings today making the headlines worldwide.

Latest Coronavirus World Live Briefings Right Now or Today

Before we go further, we hope that you are following all the news on how Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. If you missed the article, here is a quick link on Coronavirus pandemic Worldwide map right now.

Coronavirus Latest Briefings From Affected Countries, 19TH APRIL

  • Over 2.25 million coronavirus cases registered worldwide (AFP tally).
  • British veteran ‘Captain Tom’ to be honoured at opening of coronavirus hospital.
  • Number of hospitalized people in France down to 30,000, fourth consecutive day.l of decline.
  • Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez to seek extension of lockdown to May 9th 2020.
  • Sudan’s capital kingdom put under a 3 weeks lockdown following striking increase in coronavirus new cases.
  • Turkey overtakes Iran on the number of coronavirus cases in Middle East.
  • Thailand reports 32 new coronavirus cases with no new deaths, Saturday 18th April.
  • US records 1,891 coronavirus deaths in past 24hrs.
  • US states of Texas and Vermont will allow certain businesses to open on Monday (Donald Trump).
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Coronavirus Latest Briefings From Affected Countries, 17TH APRIL

  • Tour de France moved to August 24th due to Coronavirus unrest across the country.
  • More than 1 million cases reported in Europe (AFP tally).
  • One-third of French aircraft carrier sailors test positive for Coronavirus disease.
  • French government spokeswoman says France regrets Donald Trump’s decision to cut funding for WHO (World Health Organization).
  • Donald Trump threatens to adjourn U.S. Congress to push through nominations.
  • German schools to begin reopening from May 4th 2020, says Angela Merkel.
  • Italy’s Coronavirus death toll climbs by 578, as new cases continue to slow.
  • Spain’s daily virus toll continue to fall on daily basis.
  • Belgium virus lock-down prolonged until May 3rd 2020 (official).
  • Iran’s Coronavirus death toll rise to 4,788 (Health officials). And finally,
  • Australia says Coronavirus restrictions to continue for at least four more weeks.
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