Covid-19 World Headlines 2020 May 1st – 31st

Covid-19 World Headlines 2020 May. The battle against the Coronavirus health pandemic is still on across the World’s affected countries. Similarly, nations that have not been affected are also putting up with the precautionary measures to protect their citizens.

In this article, we shall cover on all the latest Covid-19 World headlines in the month of May 2020. But first, we shall start with the first week of May from 1st – 7th.

Covid-19 World Headlines May 2020

1st – 7th May

  1. VENEZUELA: Over 40 people reported dead in prison riots.
  2. WHO: Coronavirus is a natural disease infecting individuals with weak immune system.
  3. UK: It’s too early to say when lockdown will end.
  4. IRELAND: Lockdown to continue until may 18th. In addition, schools and colleges to remain closed until September.
  5. ZIMBABWE: Lockdown extended until end of May 2020.
  6. INDIA: Lockdown extended until mid May 2020.
  7. NEW YORK: All schools and colleges to remain closed until the following academic year.
  8. TRUMP: US approves Gileads Remdesivir medicine for Covid-19 patients. In addition, businesses in California to begin operations gradually.
  9. Top US health official Anthony Fauci blocked by White House from testifying on.
  10. INDIA: Experts warn the virus is yet to peak in India while the government eases lockdown measures.
  11. CHINA: Pompeo reports on Coronavirus in Wuhan labs are not valid.
  12. GERMAN: Government to reopen all shops, schools and begin football league matches before the end of May 2020.
  13. GERMAN: Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel positively responds on plans for Bundesliga League resumption before the end of May 2020.
  14. TURKEY: Football League to resume on the 12th of June 2020.
  15. Aviation industry going against social and physical distancing on airplanes (6th May 2020) as reported by the website.
  16. Japan approves Remdesivir for Coronavirus treatment. And finally,
  17. France to keep borders closed until end of June 2020.
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Covid-19 World Headlines May 2020

8th – 14th May 2020

  1. LEBANON: Government to reinstate total lockdown amid a spike in new infections.
  2. UNITED STATES: Washington Mayor extends ‘US’ capital’s lockdown.
  3. MAURITIUS: The battle against coronavirus won after all patients are discharged from hospitals.
  4. The government to outline the “Marshall plan” to save the tourism industry.
  5. UNITED KINGDOM: No crowding allowed in public transport terminals.
  • SUMMARY 8th – 14th
  • Mauritius boasts winning the battle against Coronavirus won after all patients are discharged from infirmaries.
  • Face masks make communication difficult even more difficult especially for the deaf.
  • It’s too soon to lift the lockdown.
  • More than 160,000 deaths recorded in Europe.
  • European Union urges for border reopening before June 2020 and Coronavirus spread in Europe continent.
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Covid-19 World Headlines 2020 May

15th – 21st May

  • EUROPE: Anti-lockdown demonstrations took place Saturday in several European cities.
  • ITALY: Gyms, swimming pools, SportsCenter to reopen on 25th May 2020. Similarly, theaters and cinemas are set to reopen from June 15th, 2020
  • Ireland ease lockdown from Monday 18th May 2020.
  • GERMAN: Bundesliga becomes the first top football league to resume amid.
  • Greek beaches reopen with strict safety measures.
  • BARACK OBAMA: Leaders are not even pretending to be in charge, says for former U.S. President.
  • TRUMP: Donald Trump calls WHO a ‘puppet of China’.
  • TURKEY: Edorgan imposes a total lockdown
  • SPAIN: Government extends lockdown while wearing of face masks becomes mandatory for individuals over 6 years.
  • INDIA: Air travel services to resume from 25th of May.
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22nd -28th May

  • UNITED KINGDOM: UK Prime Minister’s adviser Cummings did not break lockdown protocols.
  • SPAIN: Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says soccer league can resume from 8th, June 2020.
  • Spanish PM says overseas visitors can come from July
  • FRANCE: Number of Coronavirus illnesses goes down.
  • MIDDLE EAST: Ministry confirms the first Coronavirus death in Gaza.
  • ARGENTINA: The government extends mandatory lockdown for capital Buenos Aires until June 7th, President Fernandez.
  • AFRICA: Coronavirus cases top 100,000 on 25th May 2020.
  • EUROPE: Coronavirus cases top 2,100,000 on 25th May 2020 (AFP tally).
  • JERUSALEM: Holy Sepulcher Church to reopen Sunday after a 2-month virus lockdown.

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