Best Music Schools in Uganda 2021 TOP 10 Production List

This is a guide list of the top 10 best music production schools in Uganda in 2021. First of all, Music is a language that anyone regardless of race, age, or gender does understand. In Uganda, music school programs were introduced in the late ’90s. Hence, they have created numerous jobs that have boosted the economy. These jobs allocate to musicians, producers, editors, managers, music marketers, and many more.

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Furthermore, most of the courses are taught using two different approaches. These include classical music education as well as contemporary music styles. Hence, these courses include audio production, violin, guitar, bass guitar, drums, singing, songwriting, music theory, video editing, and dance.

Music Schools in Uganda

There are many music training schools in Uganda. However, we shall list the top 10 best as of today or for the year 2021. In summary, below is a list of the best music schools in Uganda. Have a look at the rankings from our discoveries.

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Top 10 Best Music Production Schools in Uganda 2021 List

  1. Esom School of Music. It’s the best music production school in Kampala Uganda.
  2. Sounds International Kampala, Uganda. Vocational Music Training. Similarly, its also one of the best music production schools in Uganda.
  3. Brass For Africa School of Music.
  4. The Triangle: Centre Of Music and the Arts.
  5. Proline Film Academy. It’s also among the best music schools in Uganda in 2021.
  6. Africa Institute of Music.
  7. SEAL Talent Development Centre.
  8. Kampala Music School Bunga. Best for music instruments lessons in Uganda.
  9. Uganda Music Academy, UMAC.
  10. Kampala International School Uganda. And finally,
  11. Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD).
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