Best Medical Universities in Uganda 2023 Top 10 LIST

Being one of the best paying professions in Uganda, most individuals prefer to study at the Best medical schools or universities. Hence, we decided to enlighten you on the list of the top 10 Best Medical Schools and Universities in Uganda 2023.

What is the best university of medicine in Uganda?

Currently, Makerere University is the best institute to study medicine and medical courses in Uganda in 2023.

However, the cost of studying medicine in Uganda is rather high as compared to other courses like Education, arts, and so on. For example, Bachelor of Clinical Medicine or Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in Uganda are the most expensive. Also, several chartered universities in Uganda do offer medical courses that are recognized by the National Council for Higher Education in Uganda. 
Similarly, private universities in Uganda offer Medical courses through the faculty of Health Sciences and the School of Medicine.

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Ranking of Medical Schools in Uganda 2023

This follows a new ranking that considered course contents in various medical courses and projects by the students. Above all, medical students from Makerere were more likely to be employed upon graduation. Below is a list of the top 10 best Medical universities and schools in Uganda for the year 2023. Certainly, these are as well the ranking of medical schools in Uganda from 2022 to 2023.

Best Medical Universities in Uganda LIST Of Top 10

Top 10 Best Medical Schools/Universities in Uganda 2023

  1. Makerere University, School of Medicine. It’s the best medical school in Uganda in 2023.
  2. Mbarara University, School of Medicine.
  3. Gulu University, School of Medicine.
  4. Clarke International University, International Health Sciences University, School of Medicine (IHSU Medical School).
  5. Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences.
  6. Uganda Martyrs, School of Medicine.
  7. St. Augustine International University, College of Health, Medical and Life Sciences.
  8. Busitema University, School of Medicine.
  9. Habib Medical School.
  10. Soroti University, School of Health Sciences.
  11. Kabale University, School of Medicine. And finally,
  12. Uganda Christian University, School of Medicine.

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