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Laura Karwirwa Instagram Photos & Pics


Laura Karwirwa Instagram Photos & Pics. We have to all admit that Bambika Gospel show host Laura Karwirwa has gained much popularity that before. Furthermore, she is among the top 10 most beautiful TV presenters in Kenya in the year 2020. In fact, most people didn’t know about the gorgeous lady until when she appeared on TV on behalf of Kambua. Most fans have been asking of who is the man behind the glamorous and lovely queen Karwirwa.

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Laura Karwirwa Boyfriend

First, it’s still unknown who is the boyfriend or man that settles all the desires of the presently sensational queen in Nairobi. However, according to some rumors, we found out that Laura is so particular especially on such topics. Although it’s not evidently clear, we can convince that Laura Karwirwa is not married to any man.

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Laura Karwirwa Instagram Photos & Pics

During a fun time session at Kenyatta Uni with her friends, Laura had a hard time to answer this quiz. However, one of the inamoratos mentioned that Stephen Mogaka, an alumnus of K.U could be the King in the palace. We are yet to uncover more about who the fellow Kisii guy is and what he does.

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Is it because Laura Karwirwa is also a Kisii like Onserio? Or because he is also alumni of Kenyatta University? Have a look at Citizen TV host Laura Karwirwa’s boyfriend photos and pictures.

NB: It’s important to note that a boyfriend can be a male friend to a male or female and not necessarily a lover.

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