Titus Muli Musyi FM Biography Captain T

Titus Muli aka Captain T of Musyi FM biography.
In our previous article, we covered the biography of Musyi FM female radio presenter Christine Ndanu aka Kadot. Today, we shall briefly enlighten you about Musyi FM Radio news presenter Titus Muli aka Captain T.

Titus Muli Musyi FM Biography

In this section, we shall briefly cover the biography of Titus Muli aka Captain T of Musyi FM. First of all, Titus Muli joined Royal Media Services as a radio presenter of Musyi FM in the year 2005. That is to say, he has over 15 years of experience in the field under the top media house in Kenya.

We have to acknowledge that Titus Muli is one of the best employees under the Royal Media Services media house. This is because he’s a very hardworking man who demonstrates his capacity and mastery by meeting task deadlines on time. Furthermore, Titus Muli invariably schemes chores or assignments in a very impressive way that any employer in Kenya would want.

Currently, Titus Muli is a news reporter in Royal Media Services radio station Musyi FM that airs in the morning hours. Clearly, his voice is one of the plausible gifts that you can’t keep your ear away from. In most instances, Titus Muli anchors the daybreak news sessions and also, participates in some of the radio shows.

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Titus Muli Career

Titus Muli is the head of the news department and all the news anchors in Musyi FM. Although he’s known to be a serious man while in the job, Titus Muli likes interacting with new friends. Either way, Titus Muli keeps it alive through open forums with Musyi FM radio listeners on a frequent basis.

Last but not least, Titus Muli’s identity is one of a kind not easily mistaken. This is because he’s a very tall man and above all, he has a rift between his upper teeth.

Lastly, Titus Muli of Musyi FM is a great fan of Lingala and Rhumba classifications of music tunes. We shall keep you posted on the biography and top topics about Titus Muli aka Captain T of Musyi FM.


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