Man Killed For Having S*x With Daughter-in-Law – VIDEO CLIP

A man was killed after he was caught having s*x with his daughter-in-law. Even more, the 24 year old man of Western stabbed his uncle to death after he found him having s*x with his wife. Deputy Commissioner of Police in the area confirmed that Jack Shimiyu allegedly murdered his uncle, Benard Shitada. The deceased who was 56 years old, passed away on Saturday at around 23:30 hours.

The facts before police are that on Saturday last week, Jack was in night shift at his place of work. Rather, the shift was to end of the following day (Sunday) around 07:00 hours. However, before he could knock off, Jack became ill and he was driven home by the company vehicle. And because he also had spare keys to the house, he opened without knocking and when he entered the bedroom, he put the lights on and “OMG”, he found the young brother to his biological father doing it live with his wife. Both the uncle and wife admitted for having s*x for the past 2 years. This made Jack to lose temper and stab his uncle to death.

Meanwhile, the 22 year old lady who was having s*x with her in-law said their relationship started 3 years ago when her husband went to work in Zanzibar. She said the uncle to her husband used to give her a lot of money in exchange for s*x adding that one of the couple’s two children was actually his.
The man who was Killed For Having S*x with Daughter-in-Law had 7 children. As a result, the murderer is in police custody.


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