UCU Student Rukundo Lillian Arrested For Posting PICS Online



The Uganda Police arrested a Uganda Christian Universtity, UCU, student named Rukundo Lillian for posting her sensitive PICS online. The authorities accused her of being in possession pornographic material and circulating the material online. This is a crime in Uganda and in many other countries.

Currently, Lilian might be the most stressed lady in campus for making such news headlines. Regardless, there are chances that this embarrasing situation is as a result of some man’s revenge plans. It is romoured that a jilted ex-boyfriend doctored those nudes and later posted them online. 

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Because of the nude photos, the police arrested Lilian and charged her on Monday under the Uganda’s Anti-Pornography Act. The act states that it is a criminal offense to produce and circulate such material. 

Certainly, it is not the first time that such happenings have gone viral on the internet. For example, most recently, socialite Martha Kay was also under the same situation. However, her situation was twisted since news had it that she was intoxicated and hence lost her phones. As a result, her photos got leaked without her awareness since it took months before they went viral.

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Below are some of Lilian’s photos;

UCU Student Rukundo Lillian arrested - ugwire
UCU Student Rukundo Lillian Arrested

uganda christian university Rukundo Lillian arrested
Rukundo Lillian

UCU Student Rukundo Lillian arrested

Further, Ugwire can not post nude photos due to our respect for privacy and integrity. Most noteworthy, we value our audience in terms of age and gender. We also value the law, as well as our advertisers.

Finally, we wish Lillian all the best in her studies and career path.

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