Home Pregnancy Test Using Urine and Salt

Home pregnancy test using Urine and Salt. First of all, numerous ladies or even couples are usually shy about going to a medical center for pregnancy tests. However, this should not be the case especially when you are a lovely and honest couple. In this article, we shall share an ideal home pregnancy test using salt and your urine. This is because it is cheap and almost cost less since there is no utilization of a kit or so.

To begin, most people have been asking us how do I use urine and salt for a pregnancy test. And, does a salt and urine pregnancy test work? So, the big question is, can salt and urine be used for a pregnancy test?

According to chemistry, pregnancy test identifies the Human Chronic Gonadotropin, a hormone that is present in urine and blood. This hormone is produced by the placenta after implantation activity. 

Hence, the presence of HCG can be detected in some pregnancy tests including the natural procedure. Rather, the hormone gets discharged by the cells of the placenta. Usually, this is a fluid formed to cover the eggs against any damage in the womb. 

Similarly, as the medical practitioner’s laboratory test, a homemade test also detects the same. Hence, this homemade pregnancy test is credible and promising using a salt and urine strategy. In summary, here is how to do or work out a urine and salt pregnancy test while at home.

How do I use urine and salt for pregnancy test

First of all, collect a sample of your urine in a glass and add some salt, half a teaspoon. Swirl the mixture until all the salt is dissolved. Leave the mixture for some period of 20 to 40 minutes.

Home pregnancy test using urine and salt. How do I use salt and urine for a pregnancy test? How to test for pregnancy without a doctor.
Home pregnancy test using urine and salt.

Hence, if it turns milky or foamy, it means that the pregnancy test result is positive. In contrast, if the mixture doesn’t have these results, then that means no pregnancy detected.


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