Coronavirus Updates in Kenya Now Today

10 new Coronavirus Updates in Kenya now and today plus the latest Signs and symptoms of Coronavirus.

In this article, we shall educate you on the latest Coronavirus updates in Kenya now or today. Similarly, we shall also list the latest signs and symptoms of coronavirus that you ought to know in Kenya and globally. Of course, about 69 per cent of all the citizens in the world have heard of the Coronavirus. However, only 37.9% are acquainted of the signs and symptoms. It’s for that reason that we decided to cover this health topic.

First of all, Coronavirus is a global threat to human well being ever since it’s emergence. In addition, the pandemic disease has also affected numerous businesses, especially on the world import and export trade. As such, stock markets have also been affected by the global pandemic.

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On the other hand, the sports arena events of the most-watched matches have also stopped. For example, the EPL Football matches, La Liga, France matches, Champions League, Europa League, and many more. We believe that most of the internet users heard about Arsenal Coach breaking news, Chelsea player and many more.

Corona Virus Updates in Kenya

In summary, we shall enlighten you on the Coronavirus update in Kenya Africa today by the President. In addition, we shall also cover the latest signs of Coronavirus disease infection. Most importantly, it’s worthy to visit a medical facility if you experience or develop such kinds of symptoms. Have a look at the latest coronavirus updates in Kenya now and today by the government beneath.

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Coronavirus Updates in Kenya Now and Today

Coronavirus Updates in Kenya Now 19 March 2020

6:40 pm
Tourism, Health, Labour & Treasury ministries meet to address health deterioration, job losses as well as cash flow shortages.

6:31 pm 
Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu suspends market days and sale of miraa.

5:20 pm 
16 parents arrested for taking their children for tuition in Nyeri county of Kenya.

5:00 pm 
Kenyan currency trades at Ksh105.40 against US dollar for the first time since September 2015.

4:40 pm 
Embu County quarantines 4 after returning from the UK and Netherlands.

CoronaVirus in Kenya Government Statement by Uhuru Kenyatta

  1. Suspended entry into Kenya by people from all countries affected by the Covid-19 disease for 30 days. This will take effect in the next 48 hours.
  2. Ordered the self-quarantine of all people who have entered Kenya over the last 14 days. He said they should go to hospitals for checks should they exhibit signsymptoms.
  3. Suspended learning in all institutions. Primary and secondary day schools will suspend operations from Monday with boarding schools doing the same by Wednesday. Universities and tertiary institutions will be closed by Friday.
  4. Asked government offices and businesses to allow employees to work from home.
  5. Urged cashless transactions to prevent the risk of transmission through the physical handling of money.
  6. Asked the public to avoid congregating and visited crowded places such as malls.
  7. Asked hospitals, malls and other such establishments to provide soap, water, and sanitizers.
  8. Warned traders of stern action against hoarding of goods and unfair price increases as the economy takes a hit.
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Latest Coronavirus Signs and Symptoms

  1. Fever,
  2. Tiredness,
  3. Dry cough,
  4. Nasal discharge or congestion,
  5. Sore throat,
  6. Difficulty in breathing, and finally,
  7. Diarrhoea.

Finally, the Corona virus-infection is curable. As a result, it’s advisable to visit your medical doctor if you experience such symptoms. However, the big question is “Who created the Corona Virus”?


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