Petanns Driving School Fees Structure 2021 Charges

Petanns Driving School Fees Structure 2021 Charges and Prices. First of all, we have to acknowledge Petanns driving school in Kenya for its rapid advancement and growth. In other words, it’s the most uprising driving school in Kenya currently and in the past 10 years.

In this article, we shall list the Petanns driving school fees structure for the year 2021. Certainly, the list contains a variety of driving categories, for example, category A, B, C, up to category G.

In summary, we will list the name of the driving course category or level. Then, we will state the charges and the duration of the study.

Petanns Driving School Fees Structure 2021 Charges and Prices

In conclusion, below is a list of the latest Fees Structure prices at Petanns Driving School for 2021.

CATEGORY A, ksh 7,500/=
A2 (Motorcycle not exceeding 100cc)
Duration: 10 Lessons

CATEGORY A, ksh 9,500/=
A3 (Motorcycle taxi)-tuk-tuk
Duration: 10 Lessons

CATEGORY B, ksh 13,500/=
B1 (Light Passenger Car)
Duration: 20 Lessons

CATEGORY B, ksh 15,000/=
B3 (Professional)
Duration: 20 Lessons

CATEGORY C, ksh 14,500/=
C1 (Light Tracks)
C (Medium tracks)
Duration: 20 Lessons

CATEGORY D, ksh 15,000/=
Duration: 20 Lessons

CATEGORY CE, ksh 30,000/=
Duration: 20 Lessons. And finally,

CATEGORY G, Ksh 55,000/=
Industrial, Construction & Agricultural (Plant operator)
Duration: 20 Lessons

Finally, here are all the Petanns Driving School Branches.

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