Cheapest Taxi Apps in Kenya 2021 Cabs

The number of taxi or cab companies in Kenya has rapidly increased over the past few years. As such, we have the cheapest taxi cabs in Kenya that are indeed affordable to book. In our previous article, we covered the best hailing companies in East Africa. Today, we shall briefly discuss the cheapest taxi or cabs and apps in Kenya in 2021.

Cheapest Taxi or Cabs Apps in Kenya in 2021

First of all, we have the best taxi company apps in Kenya that are most popular in the market. For example, Uber, Little, Bolt, Mondo and many more. Despite the fact that they are almost similar, the services are slightly different. Some of the cheapest taxi in Kenya like Little Cabs do offer free wifi internet connections that other cabs lack. However, taxi services in Kisumu city are very expensive unlike those in Mombasa and Nairobi city.

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In summary, below are the top 5 best and cheapest cabs or taxi Apps in Kenya in 2021. Have a look at the list from our latest findings in the current year.

Cheapest Taxi Apps in Kenya 2021

  1. inDriver Taxi App.
    InDriver is the cheapest Taxi App in Kenya in 2021. The new taxi service in Kenya, inDriver Taxi App, was launched in Nairobi in 2019. InDriver is rated the cheapest taxi or cabs service in Kenya since it allows clients to bargain with drivers at fair prices. Certainly, most travelers in Kenya prefer bargaining rather than landing on fixed hailing rates.
  2. Taxify Kenya.
    Taxify rebranded its name to Bolt. Bolt is the second cheapest taxi in Kenya in 2021. The good thing about bolt cabs in Kenya is that it accepts both cash payment as well as credit card payments.
  3. Uber Cabs in Kenya.
    We have to openly say that Uber company is also one of the cheapest taxi apps in Kenya in 2021 today. This is because of its positive reputation in the cabs companies in Kenya since its inauguration in the country. Furthermore, Uber taxi services in Kenya are fast and the app is user-friendly. However, the rates are slightly higher than those of Bolt according to the taxi fare calculator in Nairobi.
  4. Little Cabs Kenya.
    Little cabs company in Kenya is an initiative that is managed by Safaricom Firm. Besides being one of the cheapest taxi apps in Kenya, Little Cabs provide free wifi internet connections from Safaricom. Above all, little cab rates or charges are accepted as cash, via Lipa Na Mpesa, or credit cards. On the other hand, an individual can choose whether to be driven by a lady or a man.
  5. Safeway taxi app in Kenya.
  6. Delight Cabs.
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In summary, the list above comprises the latest top 6 cheapest taxi or Cabs companies’ online apps in Kenya in 2021.

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