List of Chartered Private Universities in Kenya 2021

List of Chartered Private Universities in Kenya 2021.
Attending a reputable and accredited university is one of the most important decisions any learner can make in life. In other words, attending a public or private university is worth it only if the institution is registered and chartered. This is because some colleges lack accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education. In this article, we shall list all the chartered private universities in Kenya in 2021 today.

First, we hope that you read our previous article on the business universities in Kenya. Similarly, we also had a comprehensive article on the best private universities in Kenya. Nevertheless, we also covered the cheapest universities to study in Kenya right now.

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Chartered Private Universities in Kenya 2021

Currently, there are 18 private chartered universities in Kenya and 5 constituent chartered colleges in the country.
According to the Commission for University Education in Kenya, university accreditation means public acceptance and confirmation evidenced by award of a Charter. Certainly, this refers to a university that meets and continues to meet the standards of academic excellence set by the Commission.

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In summary, we will list the name of the private chartered university or universities. Then, we will provide links to each of the chartered private universities and constituent colleges in Kenya in 2020 today.

List of Chartered Private Universities in Kenya 2021

  1. Strathmore University, Nairobi.
  2. University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Eldoret.
  3. Kenya Methodist University.
  4. Mount Kenya University, Thika.
  5. Great Lakes University, Kisumu.
  6. The Adventist University of Africa.
  7. Africa International University.
  8. Africa Nazarene University.
  9. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.
  10. Daystar University.
  11. Kabarak University.
  12. KCA University.
  13. Kenya Highlands Evangelical University.
  14. Pan Africa Christian University.
  15. St. Paul’s University.
  16. Scott Christian University (Scott Theological College).
  17. United States International University, Nairobi. And finally,
  18. KAG – EAST University.
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Private Chartered Constituent Colleges in Kenya 2021

  • Tangaza University College.
  • Hekima University College.
  • Uzima University College.
  • Regina Pacis University College. And finally,
  • Marist International University College.

Lastly, here are the best 10 Private Universities in Uganda in 2021 today.

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