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Latest info about Royal Media Services Chamgei FM Radio Presenter Carol Kones Biography, Education, and Instagram. Carol Kones Chamgei FM radio presenter.

Chamgei FM is the leading vernacular radio station in the Kalenjin community and regions of Kenya. This is because Chamgei FM radio presenters have always proven to be the best in radio broadcast journalists in Kalenjin language. Hence, working in such a popular radio station is a decent shot one can have in the media industry. In this article, we shall enlighten you about Chamgei FM presenter Carol Kones biography, education, and Instagram.

Carol Kones Biography, Education, and Instagram

First of all, Carol Kones is one of the most devoted and active Chamgei FM radio presenters right now. Besides, her character, cheerful mood, and PR aptitudes keep the listeners entertained always. Currently, Carol Kones is the most crucial Voice over artist for ads in Chamgei FM. Similarly, she is as well involved in packaging of several sports news at radio Citizen 106.7. Likewise, Carol Kones also hosts a gospel radio show on Sundays afternoon.

Just as we mentioned in our previous article, a Diploma in media studies is one of the most marketable courses. Carol Kones is a graduate with a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from East Africa School of Media Studies. If you missed the educative writing, here are the 10 most marketable Diploma courses in Kenya right now.

In general, Carol Kones is a reliable journalist with substantial skills in conversations, research, and content creation. As a result, we have to regard her undertakings with over 9 years of experience working at Royal Media Services.

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Finally, Chamgei FM presenter Carol Kones is a married woman who has a family, with a baby boy child. Below are the social media links for Carol Kones – Taita Ne Chamat.

Carol Kones Facebook:
Carol Kones Instagram: Caro Kibet Kones

Radio Presenter and Journalist Carol Kones of Chamgei FM.

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