Brian Ogana Biography Tribe Family Parents Age and Wife

Brian Ogana Luwi Biography, Tribe, Family, Wife, Home Country, Age

In this article, we shall cover the biography of Brian Ogana Luwi education background, home County, tribe, family, parents, age, and wife.
Most of us have probably heard of the public figure Luwi or Brian Ogana. First, Brian Ogana is currently an actor of Citizen TV Kenya in a local program dubbed Maria. Royal Media Services management introduced the program at the onset of 2020. This was in a bid to increase the number of audiences by the media house.

Brian Ogana Education Background

As far as we know, Ogana studied at Mukumu boys high school and later, joined the University of Nairobi. He successfully completed his higher education and awarded a degree in Computer Engineering. Since Brian Ogana had a passion for media, his parents encouraged him to pursue a short course in journalism.

Luwi of Maria Real Name

Luwi of Maria biography real name is Brian Ogana. Undoubtedly, in real life, Maria is not married to Luwi. However, in the Citizen TV drama show dubbed “Maria”, both Luwi and Maria are in love with each other. Furthermore, the parents of Luwi are aware of the love triangle between Luwi, Maria, as well as Sophia.

Luwi Brian Ogana Biography, Family, Parents, Tribe

Brian Ogana Luwi is currently an actor in the citizen TV program titled Maria. The program airs from Monday to Friday between 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm. In this local program, Brian is in love with Maria who is a simple and unsophisticated girl Maria (Yasmin Said). Although the program has a good number of viewers, it’s not as thrilling as it was expected, truth be told.

Furthermore, Ogana is also a news anchor, as well as a news reporter at GBS (Good News Broadcasting System) from 2010 to date.
On the other hand, Brian won the award of the best-dressed media personality in the year 2016. Indeed, Luwi Brian Ogana is talented with various capabilities in the line of media.

Below is a full list of Brian Ogana’s aptitudes and skills

  • Video Editing
  • Film Actor
  • Film Director
  • Voice Over Artist for Documentaries
  • Image Consultant
  • Motivation Speaker
  • Information strategist
  • Fashion Critic
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Brian Ogana Tribe, Age

What tribe is Brian Ogana? Luwi of Maria, Brian Ogana, 32 years old, is a Luo by tribe who was born in 1987. He comes from Kisumu County of Kenya.

Brian Ogana Net Worth

Although it’s hard to perfectly state the net worth of Luwi Brian Ogana, we still can figure out from our ratings. Brian Ogana net worth is approximately 14.5 million. To illustrate, Brian Ogana owns an active suit shop in Nairobi, a luxurious residence, as well as a distinctive car.

Brian Ogana Wife and Family

Last but not least, Brian Ogana is a born-again Christian man who’s married to a beautiful wife called Cindy Ogana. Furthermore, Brian Ogana has 2 lovely children, a daughter, and a son. Finally, here is a gallery collection of Brian Ogana’s wife photos and images.

We shall keep you posted on the biography of Brian Ogana Luwi education background, tribe, family, parents, age, and wife.


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