Winnie Nwagi Swangz Avenue Banned From Bars

Uganda’s top of the charts bootylicious singer Winnie Nwagi has been banned by Swangz Avenue not to hangout in booze joints/ bars regularly.

According to revealed news at the Industrial Area based record label, the management got concerned over her celebrity image. This is because she has been losing value following her regular appearances at hangout places in Kampala.

Swangz Avenue bans Winnie Nwagi from Bars
Winnie Nwagi Swangz Avenue Banned From Bars

Furthermore, her frequent show up especially at Sky Lounge, former Wink, La Atmosphere among many others bars.

Nevertheless, singer Winnie Nwagi has previously been rumored to be falling prey especially when tipsy. Even more, to some dudes who admire her thighs after a few shots.

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