6 Things Huddah Monroe Considers Before Dating any Man

Socialite Huddah Monroe has for quite a long time maintained her standards especially in the public domain. This has been evident especially not being cheap to just any celebrity or a man with riches. Probably, that’s why she still stands out as the most reputable celebrity in East Africa. Hence, we shall list the 6 main things that Socialite Huddah Monroe Considers Before Dating any man.

However, Socialite Huddah recently revealed that she will be getting married to the man of her imaginations. In one of her most recent Snapchat posts, she further posted that she’s ready to seek forgiveness. Rather, this would be from the people she battled with to protect herself the bride she ought to marry.

Her fame into the limelight came when she was in the Big Brother Africa challenge. It’s at this very juncture when Huddah Monroe revealed the kind of man she can date in life. Moreover, her elegance is immense as evident in these latest Photos.

Some of the attributes that Socialite Huddah considers are as listed below.

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6 Things Huddah Monroe Considers Before Dating any Man

1. He has to be well-off; wealth is the basis of everything.

2. He has to be enterprising.

3. He has to be intriguing and with an incredible sense of humor.

4. He should NOT be decent gawking. This is because good glimpsing men are quite a turn off for her.

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5. He should have decent table habits. This is because men who chew with their maw open are not alluring at all. And finally,

6. Men who are wild and noisy should keep striding, they are not Huddah’s type.


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