Best Paying Companies in Uganda 2023 list top 10

This is a guide list of the top 10 best paying Companies to work for in Uganda in 2023. Firstly, many companies across the nation are performing very well in the building of the nation. This is because of the numerous jobs created for the youth, an economic boost of the nation, and many more. Rather, everyone would wish to work or get employed in a highly successful company. Hence, that would enable them to archive what their goals are in life.

Furthermore, various companies in Uganda do pay their employees very well as well as offering welcoming allowances. Certainly, some of these companies also offer fully paid international short courses for their employees especially those in the engineering section.

In short, below is a list of the best and top 10 paying Companies in Uganda for the year 2023. Have a look beneath;

Best Paying Companies in Uganda 2023 list

1). MTN (U) LTD. Its the leading telecommunications company in Uganda that delivers pay-phone, fixed lines, fax/data, Internet, mobile and financial services.

2). Century Bottling Company. It’s the most popular beverage company in Uganda. Similarly, it is owned by Coca-Cola Sabco, the makers of Fanta, coca-cola, sprite and many more.

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3). DHL Express couriers. It is a German logistics group (Deutsche Post DHL) that provides international mail express services.

4). Serena hotel. It’s a 5-star hotel with a state of the world luxury and comfort set up. Hence, it provides free employee medication, employee transport, employee savings and credit scheme, life insurance and pension schemes.

5). Civil Aviation Authority. CAA is a government agency with the duties of licensing, monitoring and regulating civil aviation affairs in the nation.

6). Unilever Uganda. Again, Unilever is a manufacturing company of food products, home, and personal care products. For example; Blue-band, Royco, Ice-cream, Lipton tea, Soaps like Omo, Lux, Lifebuoy, Geisha, Sunlight, Vaseline, Lady-gay, toothpaste, etc.

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7). East African Breweries Ltd.

8). Standard Chartered Bank Uganda.

9). Airtel Uganda. and finally,

10). UAP Insurance Uganda Ltd.

Other Best Companies to Work for in Uganda 2023

11.) Citibank.

12.) KPMG.

13.) Standard Chartered Bank.

14.) Deloitte.

15.) SaBMiller. And finally,

16.) Coca-Cola Company is also among the best-paying companies in Uganda in 2022.

Lastly, here is a list of the 10 richest companies in Uganda from the year 2022 to 2023.



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