Best Insurance companies in Kisumu County TOP LIST

Today, we shall share a list of the top 10 to 30 Best Insurance companies in Kisumu County of Kenya in 2022. First of all, there are various insurance companies and agency firms in Kisumu Kenya that are ranked the best countrywide. This is because they offer the best services and products for their clients. Above all, most of the firms have massively gained a huge number of customers as compared to their competing counterparts.

Secondly, Insurance coverage has become a vital choice for most individuals in developed countries and surprisingly, in developing nations too. Probably, this is because of the assurance that one gets from the vast packages like life, motor, fire, Illness, etc.

Above all, most of the insurance companies in Kisumu offer a vast welcoming package for their customers. Hence, these include assets, motors, organizations, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and so on. Rather, these categories include life insurance, tailored insurance, commercial insurance, and personal insurance. Even more, some of the agencies do cover healthcare, marine as well as a pension.

In summary, below is a list of the top and best Insurance Companies in Kisumu County of Kenya in 2022.

Best Insurance companies in Kisumu County

  1. Madison Insurance in Kisumu, Reinsurance plaza, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  2. Invesco Insurance Company Ltd, Mega Plaza Oginga Odinga Rd, Kisumu.
  3. UAP Insurance & Life Assurance – Kisumu, Health insurance agency, Tivoli Center. Also,
  4. UAP Insurance agency, Oginga Odinga Road, Al Imran Plaza.
  5. Blue Shield Insurance Co Ltd.
  6. CIC Insurance- Kisumu, Wedco Centre.
  7. Kenindia Assurance Company Ltd, Mega Plaza, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  8. The Jubilee Insurance Company Limited, Jubilee Insurance House, Opposite Stardard Charter, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  9. Corporate Insurance Company Limited, Reinsurance Plaza, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  10. Directline Assurance – Kisumu Branch, Insurance agency · Achieng’ Oneko Rd.
  11. Cooperative Insurance Company of Kenya.
  12. APA Insurance Ltd, Insurance agency, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  14. Corporate Insurance Co Ltd, Achieng’ Oneko Rd.
  15. Britam Insurance, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  16. Josam Prime Time Services, ReInsurance Plaza, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  17. Trident Insurance Company Ltd, Opposite Standard Charter, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  18. Ga Insurance agency, Ogada Street, Ogada Street.
  19. Bonfri Insurance Agency, Health insurance agency.
  20. Kenya Orient Insurance – Kisumu.
  21. CFC Life, Tivoli Center.
  22. CIC Insurance Group Ltd, Wedco Centre, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  23. Pop – In Insurance Agency, Reinsurance Plaza, Wedco Centre, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  24. Eagle Africa Insurance, Jomo Kenyatta Hwy.
  25. Wellma Insurance Brokers Co Ltd, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  26. First Insurance – Kisumu Branch, Oginga Odinga Rd.
  27. Pacis Insurance – Kisumu Branch. And finally,
  28. ICEA Lion General Insurance Company Kisumu, Oginga Odinga Street, Al Imran Plaza.

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