Gladys Gachanja Biography Education and Husband

Today, we shall share with you about the career, biography, education, tribe, and boyfriend or husband of NTV presenter Gladys Gachanja. For those who didn’t know of this beautiful queen, here are some of her Latest Photos This Year.

Gladys Gachanja Wikipedia

First, Gladys Gachanja is a top media personality with over 15 years of experience in the news reporting and anchoring industry. Even more, Gladys Gachanja works in Kenya’s biggest print media house Nation Media group.

Previously, she used to work hand in hand with Trevor Ombija who is currently a News Anchor of Citizen TV show.

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However, the princess has all along remained at Nation Media Group despite several of her workmates leaving the media House. Probably, she might be now earning better following her untamed chances to shift to competing media houses like her later’ counterparts. Now let’s get to the bottom of the context about the cute TV Presenter Gladys Gachanja Biography and Education. In fact, she’s one of the current Hot and Charming TV Hosts in 2019-2020 Zindzi Kibiku and Mashirima Kapombe.

Gladys Gachanja Career

Gladys Gachanja is a News Anchor and presenter on NTV Kenya media house. Furthermore, her fame is undoubted, undisputed on-screen having over 13 years of professional experience in both Radio and Television platforms.

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Certainly, we have to all admit that Gladys Gachanja is one of the top and professional female journalists in Kenya today. Some of the few competitors include Zindzi Kibiku (former work mate), and Joyce Omondi who are far below her proficiency.

Gladys Gachanja Biography, Education and Tribe

Above all, Gladys oversees the program dubbed ‘Women and Power’. The show basically showcases and prides itself on the strides that women are making in their business prototypes. Nevertheless, gender subjects and Power uncovers the challenges women undergo in order to achieve their dreams. Hence, this empowers the uprising females through inspirational discussions and lessons through mentoring and motivation across the world.

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Gladys Gachanja Education

Finally, Gachanja is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Psychology from Daystar University Kenya. Career-wise, she is also a competent MC who has a passion for mentoring especially through public addresses. Most notable, her strongest tagline is ‘For effective Empowerment, you have to show up and put in the work’.

Gladys Gachanja tribe

Without a doubt, NTV female News Anchor Gladys Gachanja is a Kisii by tribe. Finally, having enlightened you about Gladys Gachaja biography and education, let’s get to her photos.

Gladys Gachanja photos

Gladys Gachanja in undoubtedly one of the most cute, glamorous, hot, and sensational journalists in Kenya. Her elegance, beauty, and refinement are comparable to that of a model.
Here is a link to all the latest photos and images of Gladys Gachanja.


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