Martha Kay New Boyfriend Tonix PHOTOS

Meet Martha Kay New Boyfriend Tonix PHOTOS. First of all, trending online or on social media, content can be very promising especially for anyone who seeks fame. For example, music artists, photographers, business entrepreneurs, real estate agents, administrators and many more. However, all this depends on what grounds the contexts are based on. On the off chance, it’s all about positive results, well to go.

On the other hand, if it’s not, then that might impair some future expectations for you. However, social media platforms are full of controversial issues that come and go. Socialite Martha Kay, a Uganda based photographer, and comedian have learned. This follows after she topped headlines in Uganda in early July 2019. Good thing is that she has forgotten and moved on with her beautiful blessed life. In one of our previous articles, we even shared her most recent cute and lovely images that portrayed she’s loyal.

Meet Martha Kay New Boyfriend Tonix PHOTOS

Even more, socialite Martha Kay has found a promising boyfriend after all the incidences that tamed her personality. In contrast, Ykee Benda was rumored of dating Martha Kay just after the saga. However, the truth is still unknown. Hence, he apparently gave up on his dreams.

Socialite and Queen of Beauty Martha Kay is back on the limelight. Moreover, she has found a humble loving man, Singer Tonix. The two are deeply in love and spending together always. Probably, this is because Martha Kay spends all her time at the singer’s apartments day and night. Despite Martha Kay was unmasked, the suspects who leaked her pictures were arrested by police. Furthermore, Martha Kay has managed to overcome a big part of the psychological challenges she was encountering. In short, that is why she is fully back to the limelight.


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