List of Kisii County Sub Counties and Map

This is a guide list of all the Sub Counties in Kisii County and constituencies map. First of all, Gusii or Kisii land is the number one richest agricultural region or zone in Kenya. In addition, Kisii county is known to be the home of endless agricultural harvests throughout the year in Kenya. Its for that reason that you never hear of food starvation or hunger in all the sub counties in Kisii County.

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Furthermore, there is no other agricultural land in Kenya that can compete with Kisii County, truth be told. As per the numerical statistical data, Kisii County covers an approximate area of 1,316.8 km². Certainly, this facilitated for the sub counties in Kisii county to be numerous.

The current Governor of Kisii County is Hon. James Ongwae who was elected during the general elections of 2017. In this article, we are going to highlight all the sub counties that are located in Kisii County. Most noteworthy, Kisii is within the Nyanza Province on the western region of Kenya. In summary, Gusii land or rather, Kisii County, was allocated with 9 sub counties.

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List Of Kisii County Sub Counties 

1. Bobasi sub county. It’s the richest sub-county in Kisii county.
2. Bomachoge Chache sub county
3. Kitutu Chache South sub county
4. Bonchari sub county
5. Bomachoge Borabu sub county
6. Kitutu Chache North sub county
7. Nyaribari Masaba sub-county
8. Nyaribari Chache​​. And finally,
9. South Mugirango sub-county.


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