Anne Waiguru Survives Impeachment as Senate Acquits her

Anne Waiguru survives impeachment as Senate acquits her corruption charges in Kenya today. Senate acquits Anne Waiguru, saves the governor from impeachment.

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru has finally managed to secure her gubernatorial seat and survive the impeachment in Kenya today. This prevails after the Senate Special Committee vindicated her of the impeachment cases about corruption. Certainly, this was the most challenging era for Ann Waiguru as the second governor of Kirinyaga County from 2017 to 2022. Joseph Ndathi was the first governor of Kirinyaga County in Kenya.

Senate Committee Acquits Anne Waiguru Impeachment

Kirinyaga County Assembly Members, MCA’s, had raised a motion to suppress Ann Waiguru as the Governor of Kirinyaga County. Despite the fact that the Senate ascertained Waiguru was guilty, the verdict enabled her secure the seat. Nevertheless, the Committee pointed out that Waiguru should engage with Kirinyaga County Assembly MCAs.

In conclusion, below is part of the declaration by the Senate Special Committee that enabled Anne Waiguru to secure her seat.
“The condescending attitude of the governor towards the county assembly is uncalled for and does not inspire confidence and trust in the county executive leadership.”

“The governor appears to require to be reminded of the high calling of her office and the responsibilities of leadership as set out under Article 73 in the Leadership and Integrity Chapter of the Constitution.
In its report tabled in the House on Friday afternoon, the committee found that the allegation on conferring a personal benefit was proved but adds that it does not amount to an impeachable offense.”

In short, Anne Waiguru survives impeachment after Senate acquits her corruption charges in Kenya. Finally, we shall keep you posted on the same news as time goes by.


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