Socialite Sipapa Arrested and Jailed For Public Disturbance

First of all, in most of the developing nations across the world, the governmental agencies are striving to ensure the laws are functional. Hence, abiding by the legal system of government becomes a task force affair or issue at most instances. Uganda public figure and socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa was arrested and jailed by police for public disturbance. According to reports by authorities, Sipapa had become a public nuisance.

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Furthermore, Socialite Sipapa was jailed because of inconsiderate use of motor vehicle in public places. Consequently, Sipapa was arrested in Kiseka Market following distress calls from business operators. Probably, the public figure has for quite some time now been disobedient to the lawsuit against such behaviors.

As a result, a statement from Kampala Metropolitan Police read as stated beneath.
“His arrests have always come after public outcry about his impunity on the roads.
Police now warns celebrities,civil servants and motorists over road indiscipline. This is because that will lead to arrest of everyone regardless of their social status.”

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Again, apart from being arrested and jailed, Socialite Sipapa is also charged for assaulting a journalist in May 2018. Above all, socialite Sipapa has previously been arrested and jailed for public disturbance through violation traffic rules.


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