Shaffie Weru Road Accident News Reports and PHOTOS 2019

Shaffie weru road accident news reports and photos 2019

Shaffie Weru Road Accident News Reports and PHOTOS 2019

According to the latest news reports, Radio and Switch TV host Shaffie Weru has been involved in a grisly road mishap accident. Certainly, it seems that he is in good condition, thanks to God. However, the black Mercedes G Wagon valued at over Ksh 20 million, is considerably damaged at the front. The tragedy occurred along the Northern Bypass in the Nairobi metropolitan region involving a truck and the Mercedes.

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Shaffie Weru Road Accident News Reports and PHOTOS 2019

As per the pictures portrayed beneath, Shaffie Weru is looking at the expensive SUV Vehicle in shock. Although it’s still unconfirmed, news has it that indeed it probably might be the media personality Shaffie Weru. Rather, Shaffie has no reason to worry following his recent comments about having a comprehensive insurance cover.

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When comedian Jalang’o’s Mercedes Benz, SL450 was bumped by a police Land cruiser, Shaffie advised him not to worry. This is what Shaffie told the Comedian Jalas;
“Dude pole that’s why we have comprehensive insurance don’t sweat.” That well said we hope that he has insurance coverage following the wreckage caused by the accident.

Other famous and distinguished individuals who Mercedes G Wagon include President Uhuru Kenyatta, lawyer Ahmednasir, and, media Personality Jeff Koinange.

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Finally, various aficionados engaged in social media platform twitter after Shaffie weru posted about accident tragedy. Below is what he wrote;

Hi #TeamShaffie Thank y’all for all the many calls!!! Ignore the mob stories!!!! All in all I’m great and I’m alive!!! Happy holiday Y’all!!!!

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