Pia Pounds Uganda Performance Photos and Video

First of all, Uganda Female socialite Pia Pounds made news following her recent performance PHOTOs and VIDEO. The Ugandan female Singer Pia Pounds was recently listed the dead beat celeb in the showbiz. This is because her on stage performance caught reveller’s eyes widen more. Probably, she had a much better on stage performance for the fans probably without knowing.

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Again, Singer Pia Pounds dressing code pulled more reactions from countless of her fans. This is due to the fact that she probably dropped the mic too low and revealed the torn instruments for the concert.

Uganda socialite Pia Pounds Performance Photos and Video raised eyebrows especially on social media through her followers and fansPHOTOs. However, the Byompa singer has since apologized to fans following the unclear accusations that were doing rounds on social media. As a result, Singer Pia Pounds responded and this’ what she said:

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Uganda female singer Pia Pounds Torn Underwear PHOTOs

“I was dancing on stage and never thought something was wrong with my show clads. Personally, I like showing my music performance perfectly. But I don’t want to show past that. I want to apologies to all my fans. It made me shy, but it’s always good to own your mistakes. I’ll perform a much better concert next time.”

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