Mpesa Agent Commission Chart 2022 rates PDF

Mpesa agent commission chart rates for the year 2022 – PDF. Becoming a Mpesa agent is one of the highest-paying jobs in Kenya ever since the emergency of the service. We have seen how mpesa dealers earn high amounts of money commission, especially through deposits of money to clients. Today, we shall update you on the Mpesa agent commission chart rates in Kenya for the 2022 financial year.

First, it’s with no doubt that you should have enough Float in your Mpesa wallet if you are an agent. Certainly, this will enable any mpesa agent to transact several times for client’s in order to earn higher commission. Customers who deposit higher amounts of money are the best since you earn a minimum commission of KSh100 as an Mpesa agent.

Mpesa agent commission

If the Mpesa agent deposits KSh50,022 and above to your Safaricom M-Pesa number, he/she earns a commission of KSh190. Now, assume the Mpesa agent lands 20 clients with the same kind of transactions. That would mean that he/she will have made a profit of over KSh3800 as commission in a day.

Most importantly, Safaricom has introduced a new Kshs0- 49 transaction package in 2022 for mpesa agents in Kenya. In other words, that’s a simple elaboration of how mpesa agents are making easy bucks every day.

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However, Mpesa agents have been on the outlook by Safaricom over the prevalent split of cash deposits. According to the Safaricom Mpesa oversight board, agents who frequently split clients’ deposits risk or may end up losing their lines. This is because the trend has been so rampant and an act of dishonesty over the past few years.

So, how much do mpesa agents in Kenya make as commission for money deposits and withdrawals in 2022?

Here is a PDF of the Mpesa agent commission chart rates for 2022.

Mpesa deposit commission chart 2022

Amount in KSh (transaction)Mpesa Agent Commission in KSh
Mpesa agent commission rates for deposits from 2022 to 2023.

Withdrawal Mpesa agent commission table 2022

​​Mpesa Agent Commission in 2022
Registered Mpesa UsersUnregistered Mpesa Users
50-100Shs. 5N/A
101-500Shs. 8Shs. 8
501-1000Shs. 10Shs. 10
1,001-1500Shs. 12Shs. 12
1,501-2500Shs. 15Shs. 15
2,501-3500Shs. 20Shs. 20
3,501-5000Shs. 25Shs. 25
5,001-7500Shs. 30Shs. 30
7,501-10000Shs. 35Shs. 35
10,001-15000Shs. 45Shs. 45
15,001-20000Shs. 60Shs. 60
20,001-25000Shs. 65Shs. 65
25,001-30000Shs. 70Shs. 70
30,001-35000Shs. 70Shs. 70
35,001-40000Shs. 100Shs. N/A
40,001-45000Shs. 150N/A
45,001-50000Shs. 180N/A
50,001-150000Shs. 200N/A
Mpesa agent commission chart 2022 rates

Lastly, if you missed our previous post, here are the current Mpesa withdrawal charges for the year 2022.

Author: Stephen Steogict


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