Motorcycle Insurance in Belgium 2022

Motorcycle insurance in Belgium for foreigners and international students

A simplified guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Belgium in 2022.
Currently, car and motorcycle insurance are among the best and leading insurance providers in the Belgian insurance market, with a great percentage of the total market shares. However, generally, Nationwide insurance tends to be the cheapest among the variety of motorcycle/motorbike insurers in Belgium with the best rates.

Some of the insurance policies are mandatory in Belgium. For example, car insurance, which is also available as motorcycle insurance, fire(home}insurance, and private life insurance.
Therefore, before taking the road by motorcycle, it’s good to ensure you are properly insured by the best motorcycle insurance provider in case of anything.

Best motorcycle insurance company in Belgium

As of 2022, the best motorcycle insurance in Belgium is offered by KBC Brussels. Before hitting the Belgium roads on your motorcycle, this should be among the first motorcycle insurers you should consider using to insure yourself. Covering from best low-cost coverage to being the best-rated motorcycle insurance company.

Motorcycle insurance in Belgium for foreigners

According to statistics, USAA is the best overseas insurance provider in Belgium. Moving to Belgium? Planning to hit the Belgian roads with your car or motorcycle? USAA is the best and leading international auto insurance provider in Belgium today.

Motorcycle insurance in Belgium for International Students

As an international student in Belgium, having motorcycle insurance is mandatory, especially for third-party liability, according to Belgian law. You can opt for this cover as an international student there, whether your motorcycle is newly bought or imported. Thereafter, you will be issued with a motorcycle insurance policy that will get you covered in case of anything.

Before choosing the right insurer for yourself in Belgium, we have run a thorough comparison of the best motorcycle insurance providers in Belgium and selected the best for you. Highlighted below is a list of the top 6 motorcycle/motorbike and scooter insurance providers in Belgium in 2022.

Top 6 Motorcycle insurance companies in Belgium 2022

  1. KBC Brussels. It’s the best motorcycle insurance company in Belgium in 2022.
  2. ING Insurance, motorcycle insurance in Belgium.
  3. Touring Assurances, Belgium.
  4. Classic Motorcycle Insurance Company, Belgium.
  5. Allianz Assistance, motorcycle insurance Belgium.
  6. NN Belgium, motorcycle insurance coverage.


Conclusively, enlisted above are the best and leading motorcycle insurance companies in Belgium today. Besides that, they are also among the top-ranked automobile insurers. Finally, if you missed our previous post, here are the 10 best car insurance companies in Belgium currently.


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