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C Plain Courses In Kenya 2020 and C- Minus

C Plain Courses In Kenya 2020, C Minus Courses in Kenya 2020

Upon completion of KCSE, many students who scored mid to lower grades end up disheartened. This is because of the fact that majority lack chances of joining universities. For example, students who scored C plain, C minus, D+, D plain, and D minus. However, we have universities which enrol students with c plain and c- minus grades for diploma courses in Kenya in 2020.

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C- Minus Courses In Kenyatta University

We have various c minus courses in Kenyatta university. For example, Diploma in Security Management & Police Studies entry requirement at Kenyatta university is C minus. Also, there are other c minus courses at Kenyatta university like Psychology, Early Childhood, and many more.

C Plain and C- Minus Courses In Kenya

Currently, there are over 200 C plain and C minus courses offered in Kenya today. In this article, we are going to list the C plain and C- minus courses offered in Kenya. Most importantly, the courses on our list are also the best and most marketable c minus diploma courses in Kenya. Have a look at the list beneath.

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C Plain Courses In Kenya 2020 And C- Minus Courses

  1. Supply Chain Management.
  2. Human Resource Management.
  3. Diploma in Sales and Marketing.
  4. Tourism, Hospitality, and Travel Management.
  5. Food Nutrition and public health.
  6. Diploma in Mass Communication and Media Studies.
  7. Clinical and Child Neurophysiology.
  8. Estate Agency and Property Management.
  9. Diploma in Software Engineering.
  10. Quantity Surveying. And finally,
  11. Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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