Jkuat Engineering Courses and Cluster Points 2020 Diploma, BSc

JKUAT Engineering courses and cluster points diploma

Jkuat undergraduate and postgraduate Engineering courses.

Jkuat Engineering Courses and Cluster Points 2020 Diploma, BSc, MSc. In this article, we shall enlighten you of the best engineering courses offered at JKUAT University. First of all, we have to all admit that JKUAT is the best engineering and technology university in Kenya. Furthermore, Jkuat engineering graduates have indeed proven to be the best employees in various companies upon recruitment. Despite the fact that the engineering fee structure is high, the intake at the university is as well high annually. Certainly, this is because the University has been generating the best engineers in Kenya since 2001.

Jkuat Engineering Courses and Cluster Points 2020 Diploma, BSc, and MSc

First, JKUAT offers various engineering courses or programs in the main campus as well as at the satellite campuses. In addition, Jkuat offers the best engineering programs both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate study phases. For example, financial engineering, civil It’s for that reason that the institution has gained so much reputation not only in Kenya, but in Africa. Most noteworthy, the engineering courses at Jkuat are under the College of Engineering and Technology (COETEC).

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Before we go further, we hope that you read on the short and cheapest courses offered at Jkuat university in 2020. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology has various schools under the college of Engineering and Technology. Below are the schools that run the Diploma, BSc, MSc engineering courses offered at Jkuat and Cluster Points.

School of;

  • Mechanical, Manufacturing & Materials Engineering (SoMMME)
  • Electrical, Electronic & Information Engineering (SEEIE)
  • Civil, Environmental & Geospatial Engineering (SCEGE)
  • Architecture and Building Sciences (SABS)
  • Biosystems and Environmental Engineering (SoBEE)
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In conclusion, we will list the engineering courses and cluster points for the Diploma BSc offered at Jkuat in 2020. Then, we will list the Jkuat postgraduate engineering masters and PhD engineering courses.

Best Jkuat Engineering Courses and Cluster Points 2020 Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate

  1. Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Jkuat Engineering Courses 2020
  2. Architectural Studies, Jkuat Engineering Course 2020
  3. Mechanical Engineering Jkuat Course
  4. Marine Engineering Jkuat Course
  5. Electrical & Electronic Engineering Jkuat Courses
  6. Mechatronics Engineering Jkuat Engineering Courses
  7. Telecommunication & Information Engineering
  8. Electronic & Computer Engineering
  9. Mining And Mineral Processing Engineering
  10. Civil Engineering
  11. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  12. Energy and Environmental Technology
  13. Water and Environment Management
  14. Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering
  15. Landscape Architecture
  16. Construction Management
  17. Quantity Survey
  18. Real Estate
  19. Geomatics Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems
  20. Geospatial Information Science
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JKUAT Engineering Courses Postgraduate

The department has been offering the following postgraduate  programmes

a) Masters Programmes

  1. Biosystems Structural Engineering
  2. Biomechanical Engineering
  3. Agricultural Processing Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Mechatronics Engineering
  6. Telecommunication Engineering
  7. Petroleum Engineering
  8. Mining Engineering
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
  11. Environmental Engineering and Management
  12. Soil and Water Engineering
  13. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
  14. Urban Designs (Architecture)
  15. Landscape Architecture
  16. Construction Project Management
  17. Environmental Planning and Development  
  18. Environmental Information Science
  19. GIS and Remote Sensing

b) PhD Programmes

  1. Biosystems Structural Engineering
  2. Biomechanical Engineering
  3. Agricultural Processing Engineering
  4. Bioprocessing Engineering
  5. Mining Engineering
  6. Electrical Engineering
  7. Mechanical Engineering
  8. Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
  9. Environmental Engineering and Management
  10. Soil and Water Engineering
  11. Landscape Architecture
  12. Geodesy
  13. Remote Sensing
  14. Geospatial Information Systems

NB: For more information, kindly contact JKUAT school of Engineering and Technology. principal@eng.jkuat.ac.ke

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