5 Photos of Comedian Jalang’o Mansion House in Nairobi

Felix Odiwour commonly known as Jalang’o is a Kenyan enterprenuer, actor, director, comedian and radio presenter. Jalango was born and raised in Kisumu City. Furthermore, he has worked in various media houses in Kenya. For example, Kiss 100, Citizen TV, Hot 96, Milele FM and many more. In this article, we shall showcase 5 photos of comedian Jalang’o Jalas mansion house in Nairobi, Kisumu, and in Siaya.

Comedian Jalango House in Nairobi

Recently, Comedian Jalang’o decided to give his fans and followers a glimpse of the photos of his new mansion house in Nairobi. Most noteworthy, the photos were first shared on his Instagram page by the comedian.

In contrast, the comedian rose from poverty through hard work and a strong determination to succeed and reach where he is right now. Hence, Jalang’o first showed off his fancy mansion in a photo that was captioned, ‘Like a boss!’

Similarly, Jalang’o started by showing his sizable compound complete with a beautiful garden and a small farm. “I got a chance to come home much earlier today, it’s looking good,” he is heard narrating in the background. As he pans the camera, a one-story mansion is visible in the background, neighbored by an equally awesome mansion.

Apart from his radio and MC jobs, Jalang’o also revealed that he sells eggs. “I know most of you didn’t know that I sell eggs. If you need eggs, let me know; I’ll supply as many crates as you want.” Jalang’o started from humble beginnings and struggled to get himself out of poverty. And thanks to God, hard work, patience, and above all consistency, Jalang’o today is one of the highest-paid radio presenters in Kenya.

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Finally, last year Jalang’o revealed his house in Siaya.“Simba is that first house you build in shags… The boys cave. Shags… Simba. The small projects that just make you happy,” he said.

5 photos of Comedian Jalang’o Mansion House in Nairobi

Below are some of the 5 photos of Comedian Jalang’o Mansion House in Nairobi.

Photos of Comedian Jalang'o Mansion House in Nairobi
Jalang’o house location in Nairobi
5 photos of Comedian Jalang'o Mansion House in Nairobi.
Jalango house in Nairobi, Kenya.
Comedian Jalang'o salary per month 2019-2020-2021
Jalango in his house in Kisumu, Siaya.

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