Ethics Kenya Artists Tarimbo Song Erased from YouTube

Ethics Kenya Artists Tarimbo Song Erased from YouTube platform. First of all, Kenyan music is very distinct, with numerous kinds of music tunes across all the 40 plus tribes. However, the prominent genre used by various artists is Swahili as well as sheng.

In the past 1-2 years, a Kenyan music group named Ethic rose to fame despite complaints by various fans over their content. This is because almost all of their songs are not gender and age group considerate. As a result, another song by the group (Tarimbo) has been pulled down by Google company.

Why Ethics Kenya Artists Tarimbo Song was Erased from YouTube

According to Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, the move by YouTube was worth it. Beneath is what Ezekiel Mutua wrote on social media.

“Tarimbo is now totally deleted from YouTube and the channel owner served first warning.

After a third violation, the channel will be totaling deactivated. We thank Google for supporting our efforts to clean the digital space and make it safe for children.
Soon such filth like 10/10 will also be off air and those using such channels to corrupt the morals of our children will have their recompense here and in the life to come.”

Previously, Ethic artists had apologized to their aficionados after the song caused a stir across the country. Hence, below is what they shared on the social media twitter platform.

“It has come to our attention that our latest single ‘Tarimbo’ has stirred up mixed reactions and elicited various negative interpretations from different quarters.
As recording artists, it is our sole duty to entertain our fans and NOT deploy our content to propagate hate against any person, most importantly women.”

However, Ezekiel Mutua pointed out that the apology was not worth compromising. As a result, he urged the Kenya musicians to amend their manner of delivering music tunes as well as act in a more considerate way.


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