Short Medical Certificate Courses In Uganda 2022

Best Medical Certificate Courses in Uganda 2022

Would you want to pursue the best and top-of-the-list marketable short medical certificate courses in Uganda 2022? No problem. In this article, we shall educate and let you get acquainted with an insight into the short medical certificate courses.

First of all, schools or institutions that teach or offer the best medical certificate courses in Uganda are not many. Probably, this is because medical professions are a sensitive field that only guarantees approved institutions to offer the courses. Hence, the approved schools offer medical certificate courses through health science and health technology departments.

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Certainly, most of the medical certificate courses are offered in the clinical fields of study. For example, surgical technology, practical nursing, paramedic medicine, clinical laboratory science, and many more. Rather, some of the main institutions that offer the best medical certificate courses in Uganda include:-

  • Kampala school of health sciences.
  • Uganda Christian University.
  • Kampala Institute of Health Professionals.
  • Uganda Institute of Allied Health and Management Science.
  • Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences.
  • Kampala University.
  • Mulago Paramedical School.
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Short Medical Certificate Courses in Uganda 2022

  1. Certificate in Pharmacy. Best medical certificate course in Uganda
  2. Integrated Primary Health Care Certificate course.
  3. Certificate in Nursing and Midwifery.
  4. Environmental Health Sciences.
  5. Certificate in Theater Assistant.
  6. Certificate in Medical Laboratory.
  7. Medical Records and Health Information Science.
  8. Certificate in clinical medicine.
  9. Theater Assistant.
  10. Certificate in Public Health. And finally,
  11. Certificate in health, safety, and environmental management.
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