Highest Best-Paying Engineering Jobs in Uganda 2019-2020 LIST

high paying engineering jobs uganda

First of all, let’s get this done with the list of highest best-paying engineering jobs in Uganda 2019-2020. In addition, we shall briefly explain why many people are not employed in Uganda. Some of the main reasons include lack of education, expertise, ignorance of commitments, and many more. Again, most people who attended the learning institutions had not done enough research on the various courses.

However, we shall wisely let you know the best engineering professional jobs that are high, best-paying in Uganda 2019-2020. There are numerous engineering programs in Uganda that anyone may decide to pursue. However, having done some exploration for an intended course would probably be an added advantage and more worthy than having not.

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Engineering courses like Agriculture or water programs are not high paying as compared to Electrical, civil or ICT Programs. This is because an average salary for an employed government’s staff would earn less than Ush 450,000 per month. This is in contrast to their counterparts in Electrical or Petroleum engineering that may earn up to Ush 25,000,000 per month.

Again, lecturers who teach technical courses like Computer science, Programming and so on earning up to Ush10 million per month. Hence, this automatically adds them to the list of the top earners in the country. In summary, below is a list of the top 10 best-paying engineering jobs in Uganda for the years 2019-2020.

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List of The Highest Best-Paying Engineering Jobs in Uganda 2019-2020

  • Electrical Engineer in a Productions Company.
  • Civil Engineer – Model Road Fore persons.
  • BSC in Electrical engineering, Lecturers.
  • BSC in Building and Civil engineering, Lecturers and In the field practitioners.
  • Project Management Engineers.
  • BSC in Medical Engineering, Lecturers.
  • Laboratory Technician in Chemistry Staff in Private and Government Institutions.
  • Technical Support Engineers in Private and Government Firms.
  • Biomedical Engineers. And finally,
  • BSC in ICT Courses and Telecommunication, Lecturers.
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