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Soroti University Courses Offered 2020 Programs

Soroti University Courses 2020

In this article, we shall list all the academic programs and courses offered at Soroti University 2020 academic year. First of all, Soroti University was founded over 6 decades ago in the Eastern regions of Uganda by the Teso community. Moreover, some of the village elders donated their parcels of land for this motive. Rather, after all the efforts, the lack of adequate infrastructure became an obstacle to its advancement. However, the Government of Uganda approved it as a public university on the 11th of December 2011.

Certainly, this was after a team of legislatures proposed an establishment of a public university in Teso Western regions of Uganda. Hence, various job nominations were made in 2012 for top management and Administration of Soroti University. For example;

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1) Professor Ikoja Odongo John Robert (Vice Chancellor)
2) Mr. Too-Okema Lawrence (Deputy Vice Chancellor)
3) Ms. Achimo Ruth Etibot (University Secretary)
4) Mr. Okello James Gregory ( Academic Registrar)
5) Mr. Ilemukorit Stephen (Administrative Assistant)

But before we list the courses offered at Soroti University of Uganda in 2020, here are their core components.
Vision: Firstly, to become a center of Academic Excellence and Professionalism. Also,

Mission: To provide knowledge, skills, and innovations for sustainable development and transformation.

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In summary, below are the latest programs and courses offered at Soroti University 2020 academic year.

Soroti University Courses Offered 2020 Programs

Soroti University School of Medicine and Health Sciences Courses

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB).
Bachelor of Science in:

Soroti University, Institute of Gastronomy and Culinary Sciences Courses

– BSc. in Gastronomy and Culinary Sciences.
– Courses for Professionals and Gastronomy enthusiasts.

Soroti University School of Engineering and Technology Courses

Bachelor of Science in:-
Computer Engineering.
– Physics Engineering.
– Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
– Industrial Engineering.
– Civil Engineering.
– Mechatronics Engineering.
– Mechanical Engineering.
– Aeronautical Engineering.

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Soroti University School of Applied Sciences and Education Courses

– BSc. With Education (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Computer Science and Physical Education).
– BSc. Mathematics (Major and Minor). Finally,

Soroti University School of Business Sciences and Economics Courses

– Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology and Design.
– BSc. Accounting, Finance, and Computing.
– Bachelor of Science in Economics (Major and Minor).

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