Best Courses For Ladies in Kenya Diploma Technical Courses

According to a recent study, it was found that ladies are capable of pursuing the most difficult courses. However, most ladies are scared of pursuing the hardest courses not only in Kenya but in the world. As a result, most of them end up pursuing the easiest courses in Kenya universities. Furthermore, some of them end up pursuing the flooded and worst diploma courses in Kenya. If you missed our previous post, here are the most marketable diploma courses in Kenya today. In this article, we shall list the best diploma and technical courses for ladies in Kenya from 2022 to 2030.

Although the majority of people in East Africa perceive that only men can tackle hard courses, even ladies can pursue them. For example, while I was on campus pursuing Computer Science, we had 38 men and 11 ladies in our Engineering classroom. At the end of the curriculum, 4 ladies were awarded a first-class degree in Computer Science.

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Certainly, it’s important to note that we have the unmarketable courses and the most marketable courses in Kenya today.  So what are the best technical and diploma courses for ladies in Kenya right now?

Top 10 Diploma courses for ladies in Kenya

  1. Customer Service and Reception. Customer Service and Receptionist tops the list of the best courses for ladies in Kenya in 2022.
  2. Diploma in Hotel Management, Tourism, and Hospitality. Secondly, hotel management, tourism, and hospitality are the second on the list of the best Diploma courses for ladies in Kenya today.
  3. Diploma in Public Healthcare and Safety.
  4. Journalism and Mass Communication.
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Commerce (Bcom).
  6. Psychology and Counselling.
  7. Community Development and Social work.
  8. Diploma in Cabin Crew. Also, Cabin Crew is one of the best diploma courses for ladies in Kenya right now.
  9. Education courses in Teaching like Early Childhood Education.
  10. Humanity and Social Sciences. In addition,
  11. Bachelor of Arts in Law.
  12. Human Resources Management.
  13. Diploma in Sales and Marketing.
  14. Psychology and Counseling. And finally,
  15. Diploma in Project Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation.
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Best Technical Courses for ladies in Kenya

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.
  2. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science.
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.
  4. Diploma in Graphic Design. And finally,
  5. Medicine and Dentistry.

In short, we hope that you are now informed of the best diploma and technical courses for ladies in Kenya. We shall keep you posted on the same page as time goes by.
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