Best Reggae DJs in Kenya 2022 Top Ten Deejays

Reggae music tunes and melodies plus a good lyrical composition usually excite music lovers. Kenyan DJs have always tried their best to embrace reggae music in most of their showbiz events. This is because the majority of the disco, open-air, and roadshow fans usually cherish the feel of reggae music in Kenya. Today, we shall list the top ten best reggae DJs or Deejays in Kenya from 2021 to 2022.

First of all, reggae music in Kenya has gained massive aficionados over the past 2 to 4 decades. Remember the days when artists like Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Culture, Glen Washington, and many more were topping the charts? Despite the reggae music transitions in Jamaica in 2022 and the world, the melodies are awesomely lovely. For example, dancehall music, roots and culture reggae music, ragga, bobo, riddims, and many more.

Reggae Deejays in Kenya

In this article, we shall cover the top ten best and most respected reggae DJs or Deejays in Kenya from 2021 to 2022. The list comprises the deejays in Kenya who embrace the genre of music while on duty. Have a look at our findings by the fan base in the country in 2022.

Best Reggae DJs in Kenya 2022

  1. Deejay Kalonje. He happens to appear in the list of the top ten best reggae DJs deejays in Kenya from 2018 to 2022. This is because the reggae music mixes by DJ Kalonje are populous in Kenya counties than any other Deejay mixes.
  2. Deejay Brownskin. Also, Deejay Brownskin has contributed to making reggae music worth a genre to admire and applaud. Another thing that made Deejay Brownskin gain fame is being the founder of the phrase “Lamba Lolo”.
  3. Deejay Double trouble. He is one of the famous top reggae DJs in Ghetto Radio FM in Kenya.
  4. DJ Bunduki. Of course, DJ Bunduki could not miss the list of the top ten best reggae deejays in Kenya in 2022. He’s a street Da J with a good reputation not only in Kenya but also in Jamaica and the world in general.
  5. Deejay Juan. DJ Juan is Black supremacy sound mixmaster who is ranked as one of the best reggae DJs in Kenya in 2022 today. DJ Juan is the top reggae deejay in Nairobi with over 10 years of experience in the music industry.
  6. Deejay Bash. Most of us know or have heard of Dj Bash of NTV Show Teen Republik. Despite being a mix master of urban local and international songs, he is also one of the DJs reggae DJs in Kenya currently.
  7. DJ Jones. If there’s a Kenyan reggae DJ who has a good compilation of the dancehall reggae music, is DJ Jones. This is because the holistic mix is rarely interrupted by the noisy MCs that the majority of listeners dislike.
  8. Deejay Moh Spice. Finally, DJ Moh Spice gained more fame following the launch of Moh spice Entertainment. Moreover, most of the reggae music mixes that he executed went viral across Kenya counties as well as in East Africa.
  9. DJ Sliqboy. He’s also one of the best reggae dancehall DJ’s in Kenya right now.

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