Zanie Brown Pleads for Bobi Wine’s Freedom and Justice

Zanie Brown stands with Bobi wine
Indeed, it has been a very tough journey the the young, most liked and followed Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East, Bobi Wine. His arrest has raised eyebrows across East Africa and even beyond to many countries across the globe. Numerous artists and politicians have sounded up for justice to be done for Bobi Wine. Female singer Zanie Brown is the most recent female after South Africa singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

Zanie Brown Pleads for Bobi Wine’s Freedom and Justice

Below is what Zanie brown shared on her social media platform in support of Bobi Wine that left so many of us really touched;
“Scientists say action and reaction are always equal but opposite. have you thought abt the repercussions of your actions????one day u will reep wat you have sown, God of heaven and earth, we bring this matter to you, save Uganda hear our cry!!!!!
Hon. Bobi Wine, We stand with you.”


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Kyadondo East MP Bobi Wine Remanded after release

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was this morning released […]
Bobi wine rearrested till 30th August

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