UMI Masters Courses 2024 LIST & Intake

Today, we shall list all the Masters courses at Uganda Management Institute, UMI for the 2024 academic year intake. First of all, Uganda Management Institute is a licensed and certified study center that offers several course levels. For example, short courses, professional courses, certificate courses, Diploma Courses, Degree, Postgraduate, Masters, as well as Ph.D. programs.

Certainly, UMI is ranked among the top and most promising research Institutions in Uganda. Again, being a management and technology institute, UMI also focuses on boosting the administration and Leadership sectors in Uganda. This is possible because several courses are compounded with academic courses. For example, UMI offers short and professional courses that enrich students’ skills especially those with degrees and Masters Certifications.

Again, Uganda Management Institute facilitates numerous training programs through conferences and workshops that most colleges lack in Uganda. Possibly, that is another reason as to why UMI is also accredited to offer Masters courses as well as Ph.D. programs. In summary, below is a list of UMI Masters courses 2024 academic year intake or admissions.

Uganda Management Institute UMI Masters Courses 2024 LIST and Intake

UMI Masters Course in:-
Education Administration and Human Resource Development(MEAHD).
Higher Education Management and Administration (MHEMA).
Public Procurement(MPP).
Institutional Management and Leadership (MIML) Revised.
Public Administration and Management (MPA).
Management Studies (MMS). And finally,
Business Administration (MBA) – Weekend Classes.

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