Ndejje University Business Courses 2020 and Fees Structure PDF

Ndejje University Business Courses offered Fees pdf

Ndejje University Business Courses Kampala Campus.

Ndejje University is one of the best Business universities in Uganda. Furthermore, it ranks on the top 10 best universities in Uganda today or in 2020. In this article, we shall enlighten you of the business courses offered at Ndejje University in 2020 and the fees structure pdf. 

First, the business courses offered at Ndejje University are all under the Faculty Of Business Administration & Management. Certainly, the faculty offers various programs at degree, diploma, as well as certificate study levels. The expertise and professionalism of the teaching staff the management at Ndejje is incredibly good. It’s for that reason that Ndejje university intakes 2020 and other years are usually very high.

Similarly, the faculty of business at the Kampala and main campus are fully equipped with all the required resources. As such, students learn both theory and practical courses in any easy way. Furthermore, learners gain work experience enabling them to easily apply the skills at workplace.

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In summary, we shall list the business and fees structure pdf of the offered courses at Ndejje University in 2020. Then, we will state the requirements or eligibility at each study level.

Ndejje University Business Courses 2020 and Fees Structure PDF;

Ndejje University Business Courses and Fees Structure 2020 pdf;

Bachelors Degree
– Business Administration
– Commerce
– Human Resource Management
– Science Accounting & Finance
– Procurement & Logistics
– Public Relations Management
– Business Computing & Information Management
– Cooperatives & Agribusiness Management
– Banking & Insurance
– Hospitality Management
– Project Management
– Marketing

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At least five (5) passes at O level (UCE) or its equivalent. In addition, 2 relevant principle passes at A level (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent. Similarly, a post O level diploma or certificate with at least two years relevant experience in the desired field.

Diploma in Business Courses at Ndejje University

  1. Business Administration with Specialty in either;
    – Accounting
    – Marketing
    – Management
    – Project Management
    – Human Resource Management

2. Procurement & Logistics Management.


At least five (5) passes at O level (UCE) or its equivalent. In addition, one relevant principle and two subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting at A level (UACE). Likewise, its equivalent or a post O level diploma or certificate.

Ndejje University Distance Learning Business Courses

There are a few business courses that are offered as Distance learning at Ndejje University in Uganda. For example, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Human Resource Management, and Bachelor of Procurement & Logistics.

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Bridging Course – Advanced Certificate in Business Administration

And finally, we have 1 bridging business course that is offered at Ndejje university Kampala campus. Most noteworthy, the course in offered from April to July annually. Most importantly, student who scores over 60%, are eligible to apply for a degree in a business course. On the other hand, those who score between 50-59% are eligible to apply for a diploma in a business course.

In order to apply for the courses, CLICK HERE or APPLICATION.

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