Top 10 Best Private Universities in Zambia 2021 Registered List

Which one is the best private university in Zambia? Today, we shall list the top 10 best private universities in Zambia that are approved and registered from 2020 to 2021. Before we go further, we hope that you read our previous article about the best private universities in Tanzania. Similarly, we also covered the best private universities in Uganda.

There are 37 registered and accredited to teach private universities in Zambia today. The Higher Education Aithority (HEA) has approved thirty-seven private universities under the 2013 Higher Education Act of Zambia. As a result, this has paved way for several students to join learning institutions to further their career visions.

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In summary, we will list the top 10 best and registered private universities in Zambia in 2021 today. Then, we will further list the top 20 best private universities in the country. Have a look at the list below from our findings.

Top 10 Private Universities in Zambia

  • University of Lusaka.
  • ZCAS University.
  • Information and communication University.
  • DMI-St. Eugene University.
  • Rusangu University.
  • Cavendish University Zambia.
  • Northrise University.
  • Africa Christian University.
  • Texila American University Zambia. And finally,
  • Zambia Catholic University.
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Top 20 Best Private Universities in Zambia

  • The Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management.
  • Justo Mwale University.
  • Victoria Falls University of Technology.
  • Eden University.
  • Supershine University.
  • Gideon Robert University.
  • The University of East and Southern Africa.
  • Evangelical University.
  • Trinity University, Zambia.
  • The University of Barotseland. Also,
  • Zambian Christian University.
  • The United Church of Zambia University.
  • Sunningdale University Lusaka.
  • Copperstone University.
  • City University of Science and Technology.
  • Rockview University.
  • Twin Palm Leadership University.
  • Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University.
  • OAK University Lusaka.
  • Chreso University.
  • South Valley University.
  • Citizen University.
  • Southern University.
  • Zambian Royal Medical University.
  • Mansfield University College.
  • Paglory University. And finally,
  • Lusaka Apex Medical University.
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