Best Driving Schools in Rwanda 2021 Top 10

If you’ve been looking for contact information about the best driving schools in Rwanda, then you are in the right place. Today, we shall list the top 10 best driving schools in Rwanda 2021.

First of all, driving schools in Rwanda are moderated by the Rwanda association for auto driving schools. This is defined in order to maintain Road Safety as well as equip learners with International driving standards while on the road. Certainly, these regulations are gazetted by the Government on all matters to do with driving schools as well as driving instructors.

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Number of driving schools in Rwanda

Currently, the number of driving schools in Rwanda is between 15 to 20. However, we have other subsidiary driving schools across the country that also train driving skills and expertness.

Best Driving Schools in Rwanda 2021

APAFORME Driving School Kigali
The best driving schools in Rwanda are Apaforme Driving School, Kavumu Driving School, and Remera Driving School. However, we also have other driving schools that are also accredited by the Government of Rwanda. For example, IMENA Driving School, New Vision Driving School, just to name a few.

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In summary, we will list the name of the top driving school or schools. Then, we will state the location of each of the best driving schools in Rwanda in 2021.

Top 10 Driving Schools in Rwanda

  1. Apaforme Driving School. Kigali, Rwanda. It’s the best driving school in Kigali presently.
  2. Kavumu Driving School. Kigali, Rwanda.
  3. Remera Driving School. Kigali, Rwanda.
  4. IMENA Driving School, Rwanda.
  5. Driving School Gaston. Kabuga, Rwanda.
  6. Action Driving and Languages School. Kigali, Rwanda.
  7. New Vision Driving School. Kigali, Rwanda.
  8. Kabuga Driving School. Kigali, Rwanda.
  9. Ste Famille Driving School. Kigali, Rwanda.
  10. Nyamirambo Driving School. Kigali, Rwanda.
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Other Top Driving Schools in Rwanda

  • Nyamata Driving School.
  • Auto-Ecole Nyamirambo Driving School. Kigali, Rwanda.
  • eDriving School, Rwanda.
  • United Driving School Coop. Nyarugenge, Rwanda.

Kavumu Driving School Contacts

Last but not least, here are the contacts of Kavumu Driving School.

Lastly, here is a list of the top 10 best and accredited driving schools in Uganda for the year 2021.

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