Kenyan Artists Deserve The 100m Allocated By Government

Kenyan Artists Deserve The 100m Allocated By Government

A lot of people on the timeline are complaining and wondering where the priorities of the government are? Their priorities are in the right place in this regard. If you didn’t hear the speech well. The president has allocated money for the Vulnerable in our society too. But, you were too busy wondering what cessation means to notice.

Kenyan artists have been a vulnerable part of our society for years. I have personally seen this, some of these guys can’t even afford transport to come for interviews, others haven’t eaten a proper meal in months. Don’t be fooled by what they post on social media. (This is a conversation for another day)

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While Sauti Sol, Khaligraph, Nyashinski, etc get quite good money they are not a representative of the entire scope. Truth is if the system was working they should be getting way more money than what they are. In other words, Kenyan artists deserve the 100m allocated by the government.

I was even more pleased that the president spoke about systems that will give 200million to Kenya artists monthly as opposed to yearly. All this helps the artist.

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Everyone deserves a shot at thriving through these challenging times. You can’t measure someone’s suffering to be less suffering because you don’t think they are important to be classified as suffering. The mama wa kufua is just as important as the mechanic, the driver, the artist, the guard, and the CEO.

If there is something COVID-19 has taught us, its that we need to pull together as humans and as a family! This is not the time to expand the social class stratification, it is the time to break those walls down!


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