Bank of Baroda branches in Uganda Kampala Road

Bank of Baroda is one of the best and leading banks in Uganda in 2020 today. Besides, it’s one of the dominant International banks to be launched in Uganda. According to its mission statement, the Bank of Baroda is aiming to be a prime regional bank with international standards. We hope that you are now familiar with the full list of commercial banks in Uganda. Today, we shall list all the Bank of Baroda branches in Uganda Kampala road.

First, Bank of Baroda Uganda Ltd was the first Financial Institution to list its shares at the Uganda Securities Exchange. Most importantly, the Bank of Baroda granted premium to its shareholders in the year 2011 as well as in 2013.

Bank of Baroda branches in Uganda Plus Kampala Road Outlets

Bank of Baroda has 18 branches in Uganda and 20 ATMs (Automated Teller Machines). Most of these outlets are located in parts of Kampala, Mbarara, Iganga, Entebbe, and many other parts of the country. In summary, we will list all the Bank of Baroda branches in Uganda Kampala road. Then, we shall state each of the branch locations in the country. Have a look at the list below from our most up-to-date findings.

Bank of Baroda Branches in Uganda

  1. Bank of Baroda Head Office. 18, Kampala Road, Kampala.
  2. Kampala Main Branch. 18, Kampala Road, Kampala.
  3. Bank of Baroda Railway Station Branch, Kampala. Plot No. 6, Jinja Road, Esso Corner, Kampala, Uganda.
  4. Bank of Baroda Industrial Area branch Uganda, Kampala. Plot 37, 39, 41, 43 Kibira Road (Mulwana Road), Opp. Uganda Baati Ltd.
  5. Kololo Branch. Plot No. 31, Kira Road, Kampala, Uganda.
  6. Ovino Market Branch, Kampala. Plot 24,26 & 28, Shikh Temple. Rashid Khamis Road, Old Kampala, Kampala, Uganda.
  7. Bank of Baroda Kawempe Branch Uganda. Shree Hari Complex, Plot No. 35/36 Bombo Road.
  8. Entebbe Branch. Plot No. 24, Building of M/s Victoria Medical Services, Gower’s Road, Opp. Entebbe Junior School, Entebbe.
  9. Bank of Baroda Mukono Branch. Plot No 59-67, Jinja Road, Uganda.
  10. Bank of Baroda Jinja Branch Uganda. 16 a & b Iganga Road, Jinja. Also,
  11. Lugazi Branch. SCOUL Sec Sch. Premises, Jinja Road, Lugazi Circle.
  12. Iganga Branch. 84A & 84B Main Street, Iganga, Uganda.
  13. Iganga Branch. 84A & 84B Main Street, Iganga, Uganda.
  14. Mbale Branch. Baroda House, Pallisa Road.
  15. Mbarara Branch. 11 Masaka Road, Mbarara, Uganda.
  16. Kabale Branch. Plot 94 Kabale Road, Kabale, Uganda.
  17. Lira Branch. Plot No 2, Aputi Road, Lira, Uganda. And finally,
  18. Kansanga Branch. Plot No. 70 / 378 3, Near Kampala International University, Kansanga (Kampala), Uganda.

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