Zindzi Kibiku Biography Education Husband Family Tribe and Age

Zindzi Kibiku Biography Education Husband Family Tribe and Age

Today, we shall cover the biography, education, husband, family, tribe, and age of Zindzi Kibiku.

Zindzi Kibiku Profile (Biography, Education, Family, Husband, Tribe, and Age)

Zindzi Kibiku of Citizen TV is one of the most popular female presenters and news anchors in Kenya right now. This is because she hosts one of the most viewed TV shows in Kenya named “Power Breakfast”.

Nevertheless, she is one of the hottest and beautiful female presenters in Kenya right now. Other glamorous and elegant female journalists working at Royal Media Sevices include Mashirima Kapombe, Yvonne Okwara, Mukami Wambora, just to name a few. If you haven’t seen her exquisite pictures, here is a link to Zindzi Kibiku’s latest Instagram photos. In this article, we shall enlighten you about Zindzi Kibiku’s biography, education, husband, family, tribe, and age.

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Zindzi Kibiku Biography – Bio

First of all, there are numerous female news anchors and journalists in Kenya than their male counterparts. Certainly, this is because most women are articulate in languages as compared to men. It’s for that reason why journalists and news anchors like Zindzi Kibiku prevail as the best in Kenya presently.

Before joining Royal Media Services, Zindzi Kibiku worked as a reporter and news anchor for KTN News Kenya. During this time, Kibiku covered several topics in her line of duty. For example, technology trends, health challenges, entertainment, as well as political discussions.

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Zindzi Kibiku Biography Education Husband Family Tribe and Age
Citizen TV News Anchor Zindzi Kibiku.

Currently, Zindzi Kibiku hosts the 4 hour Day Break Show without a hitch nor a counterpart. In other words, that portrays she’s outstanding in the broadcasting and media industry. Moreover, Zindzi Kibiku is more conversant with subjects to do with politics, governance, entrepreneurship, and so on.

Personally, if there’s a Kenyan female presenter that I like watching her shows is Zindzi Kibiku. Similarly, I can’t afford to miss her radio show dubbed ‘The Drive’ on Hot 96 FM. This is because she’s a reasonable moderator especially when it comes to debates and chitchats.

Zindzi Kibiku Education

Zindzi Kibiku is a Bachelor’s holder of Mass Communication and Journalism from Daystar University in Kenya. Certainly, Zindzi Kibiku’s educational background illustrates her capacity in handling questions about social media, teenagers, and present lifestyles.

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Zindzi Kibiku Husband & Marriage

Is Zindzi Kibiku married? NO! As far as we know, Zindzi Kibiku is not married. Although we don’t know about the marriage plans of Zindzi Kibiku, we are keenly following about the future husband.

Where was Zindzi Kibiku born

Again, most of the fans have been querying about where was Zindzi Kibiku born. Although she has a South African name, Zindzi Kibiku’s nationality is Kenya.

Zindzi Kibiku tribe

Last but not least, Zindzi Kibiku is a name derived from the Luhya and Kikuyu tribe respectively. In short, Zindzi Kibiku is a Luhya and Kikuyu tribe.

Zindzi Kibiku age

Lastly, Kibiku is not as old as many of you might be thinking. Zindzi Kibiku is roughly 30 to 35 years old in terms of age. Furthermore, Kibiku is a single lady, and not yet married.

In general, that’s all about the biography, education, husband, family, tribe, and age of Zindzi Kibiku.

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